1 : Anonymous2022/06/14(Tue) 00:35:34 ID: vbqv3p
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2 : Anonymous2022/06/14(Tue) 09:10:39 ID: icb571x
So you are back home? Nice! I have no question, but just want to say that the eu4 subreddit is imo the best handled gaming subreddit. Thanks to all the mods for your work and to the community for being so helpful and understanding of all the beginner questions!
3 : Anonymous2022/06/15(Wed) 00:32:47 ID: iceb1dy
Did they improve the AI somehow, or add some buffs for the computer controlled countries? In my current game it seems like the AI countries are doing a lot better than I remember.
ID: icg7zxu
1.33 did come with a bunch of AI changes, most notably a fort management overhaul. They have been doing better since then.
4 : Anonymous2022/06/16(Thu) 03:23:20 ID: icjgp66
In my current BB > Prussia game I've used the league war as an excuse to dismantle the HRE. Though there is no longer any HRE to make Protestant, do I still need to demand Religious Supremacy to get the objective ticked off for the Age of Absolutism, or is just winning the war enough? Thanks!
5 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 18:23:23 ID: icuwdjd
Paradox could improve the Castilian Civil War event a bit more, Aragon and Portugal are basically passive on it when in real life it wasn't like that at all, especially portugal who had a massive chance to get a PU over castille, could make it rare like the castille PU over portugal
6 : Anonymous2022/06/14(Tue) 18:52:23 ID: icd1w1k
I need help with a weird Irish run I want to do. Basically conquer all of Ireland and then just chill and colonize for a long time. I have never played a game until 1821 and I don't have the Luck of the Irish achievement yet. I have done so much blobbing in this game that I just want a game where I look at my numbers go up while I smoke weed. Now, which minor to pick? There is only one (unless I missed one) that gets - dev cost from their NIs, but is that even important in this run? I want to have a crazy tall Ireland and then just crush England at the end in 1-2 wars, so maybe dev cost isn't the most important modifier but instead military ideas? Is a run like that even possible? Thanks! Edit: Tyrone is the one with - dev cost and their other ideas seem fine.
ID: icdtv7e
ireland has morale and discipline in their ideas so you could just form them late and take their ideas when you want to take on england ... but you'd miss out on the irish green till then :/
ID: icfibc2
By late game you can just pick up some military ideas and that should be more than enough to take on england, so if you want to play crazy tall then yes, i'd take dev cost reduction over a little discipline and morale. A run like that is certainly possible
7 : Anonymous2022/06/15(Wed) 15:10:11 ID: icgovab
In my current France game i took the Defender of the Faith for its passive bonusses and as a consequence Ottomans havent attacked a single christian nation. This allowed Austria to become really big. It has annexed Hungary and Bohemia, took from Poland the cores they get through missions, and they beat up Wallachia and Dalmatia. Anyone had something similair happen?
8 : Anonymous2022/06/15(Wed) 19:17:21 ID: ichp7mt
When and where do you start colonizing as the Netherlands? I feel like a got the early game within Europe figured out pretty well, I know how to dismantle the Burgundian lowlands before the inheritance usually hits, after that it's just a matter of time before I conquer the rest of the lowlands. I just don't know how to properly transition to a colonial empire, not sure where to focus my colonists and how to beat Portugal to key locations when they have 3x my colonization speed.
ID: ichs4zs
The key is not to try and race the Porguguese but rather to plant a colony then go to war with the colonialism CB to steal other colonies in the region. Your interests with England are aligned so it's mainly about stealing from the Iberians and France. Marines are really good to move around the colonies as required to do this.
ID: icmq697
As netherlands I rushed explo ideas (don't listen to those people who say to take something else first), I was able to reach Arguin by like 1475 and from there I could colonize Africa and India later. In the meanwhile I focused on expanding in the lowlands and getting the provinces to form Netherlands (here, vassalizing > annexing because the AE is huge). After this it's a very chill game, you'll be swimming in cash and once you're strong enough you can just hire mercs and PU/kill England and whoever you want. My colonization strategy was to just leave the new world to the iberians and focus on what really gives money: the east. So make sure you don't let them island hop, you have time as they will take a while colonizing America, but don't leave any empty spots in the African coastline.
ID: ichri6m
I usually snake my way around africa and into malaysia because portugal and castile usually focus on new world, you can also fight them obviously and take their colonies
9 : Anonymous2022/06/17(Fri) 02:49:25 ID: icnvhl2
Has anyone ever seen a case where a truce is asymmetrical? That has to be a bug, right? For context, I'm Spain allied with Austria and the Commonwealth. I've been holding an Ottoman piñata party every time the truce runs out. This time, though, I and Austria are out of truce, but the Commonwealth is refusing to join because they still have a truce. I thought that was odd since there was no separate peace so I checked deeper, and noticed that while on my and Austria's diplo screen there's no truce with the Ottomans, if you look at the Ottomans' diplo they still show a truce with us for another month. Anyone have an explanation or is this just a weird bug?
ID: ico3xbj
Do they have other allies? Seems like the most likely cause is they got called into a defensive war with someone else that created a new timer.
ID: icqbhip
One way truces are a feature of eu4, which happens for example when you revoke a guarantee or when you force a country to break an alliance or in some cases involving revoking the tributary status. But if the truce timer just differs by one month, it was probably caused by a bug. This was a common occurrence in older versions and the developers tried to fix it multiple times and I think they eventually succeeded. Which version are you playing exactly?
10 : Anonymous2022/06/17(Fri) 04:02:11 ID: ico4apj
Wanted to double check that I'm reading correctly on the events to get a Habsburg heir as Spain: -If France is too weak to be a rival of me or Austria, I can't get the first event? -But if I can arrange for Austria to own provinces in the Low Countries, I could still get the second event? Even if Austria didn't get the Burgundian Inheritance?
11 : Anonymous2022/06/17(Fri) 10:00:41 ID: icowxd8
Why did I lose my vassal? I began as Brittany, colonized the Caribbean and obtained colonial nation Antilles. I then released Antilles and played as them. I beat Brittany in a war and force vassalized them. A little bit later I formed the nation West Indies through a decision. Doing this caused me to lose Brittany as a vassal. It's as if it never happened when looking at my diplomacy screen. The Wiki says: --------------- If the country: -Was NOT a formal colonial nation then: -it loses all subjects in Europe, Asia, and Africa -------------- But Antilles was a formal colonial nation...?
12 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 06:17:08 ID: icx1gdw
How and where do I see when my pu cb’s run out? Also do pu cbs from mission trees ever run out?
13 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 06:18:49 ID: icx1kz4
Hungary question: what happens to my pu cb over bohemia if Austria already enforced his??
14 : Anonymous2022/06/15(Wed) 19:38:42 ID: ichscj9
Estates and land and absolutism ahh am I too old to play video games now?
ID: icjb0sr
Nope you can always learn something new and improve at this game 🙂
15 : Anonymous2022/06/14(Tue) 21:45:38 ID: icdqg1a
Playing as Austria, working on balkanizing Europe and expanding the HRE. Corsica and Sardinia are independent and part of the HRE. Sicily and Majorca are independent and I don't have the Expand Empire CB against them. They share a sea tile with Corsica and Sardinia. Any idea why? Bonus: the Papacy is part of the Empire also and I don't have the CB against Naples. None of the three are too big.
ID: icfi6l9
You need a land border to use that CB, and i would guess corsica and sardinia were either released on empire soil or joined willingly, but forcing other islands in wont work like that. You could conquer them normally, add the land to the hre and then release them tho.
ID: icgawqz
I think sharing a sea tile is not enough for the CB. Bonus: the Papacy is part of the Empire also and I don't have the CB against Naples. Is Naples independent? How much is their total warscore? Their total warscore has to be somewhat below 80% (in some cases it is 79% and in others it seems 78% or lower is required)
16 : Anonymous2022/06/15(Wed) 14:22:22 ID: icgi3x4
At what point is governing capacity just a number? It's still the early half of the 1500s and I'm playing as the Aztecs, going for the Sunset Invasion achievement. I still haven't gone to Europe yet, but I've already hit my max governing capacity just in my area of the Americas + a good chunk of the Caribbean, even with one of the estate privileges giving +100 GC. Is it still recommended to keep expanding militarily? Should I be putting a courthouse in every province?
ID: icgkake
Your GC will increase with time once you unlock admin tech 8, 12, 17, 20, 24, 27 and 31. Full admin ideas, as well as big projects can give you more GC. You can also reduce the GC cost of provinces (with court houses from admin tech 8, state houses from admin tech 12 and town halls from admin tech 22). You can nullify the GC cost of territories by building a court houses in your territories so you can still expand. But I would recommend you to avoid being over your GC cap to expand, because the debuffs are quite painful (basically more AE, coring is more expensive and your advisor can cost much more).
17 : Anonymous2022/06/16(Thu) 03:49:29 ID: icjjhds
Haven't touched a horde in a while. What government reforms are meta/best? Should i take Martial Society or Civil society? I'm playing GH, going to try for the associated achievements.
18 : Anonymous2022/06/16(Thu) 12:06:05 ID: ickmmmd
Can anyone get Xangelo7's mod to work? I can't play EU4 without it