What's the reason for this restriction?
1 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 18:49:47 ID: vfcn22
What's the reason for this restriction?
2 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 19:07:50 ID: icv1vbv
You can as Anglican.
ID: icvi0x1
I assume because of Elizabeth?
3 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 21:46:38 ID: icvlkio
Fun fact: Female Rulers can be the defender of the faith, if their country already was when they rose to the throne, they just can't claim the defender if it's vacant/already claimed. I've had plenty of Spanish queens be Defender of Catholicism, even in successive generations of female rulers.
4 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 20:28:41 ID: icvbug4
Isn’t it obvious? Religion is stored in the balls.
ID: icvfuy2
So holy water was pee all along!
5 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 19:30:34 ID: icv4mj1
The same reason there were no Momes i guess
ID: icv4uyi
Imagine the Maymal States taking all of Italy!
ID: icw6d2o
No Momes guey!
6 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 19:23:41 ID: icv3sml
Because it is defender of the faith, not defendress
ID: icw0sbu
The Great Defendrix
ID: icw0kzw
7 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 20:38:51 ID: icvd4wg
Because ha woman
ID: icvhgfm
Hmph, women.
8 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 01:45:50 ID: icwcnd1
I think it's because female dont play eu4
9 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 19:30:07 ID: icv4khl
Historical accuracy
ID: icvfpeg
What's the whole "Defender of faith" even based on anyway, historically?
10 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 21:49:49 ID: icvlyf7
Need to be a male ruler to acquire the title, but afterwards it can be passed to your nation's rulers regardless of gender. Fun fact, Henry the 8th acquired the title after writing a paper attacking Martin Luther and Protestantism and defending Catholicism, but didn't relinquish it after converting to Protestantism and the title passed to his heirs to this day.
ID: icvz9cp
Huh.. I mean, it's not something that needs to be relinquished? And it's not like it's inheritable..
ID: icvzyjv
He never converted to Protestantism. He just decided to make himself the Pope so he could have his annulment.
11 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 01:44:06 ID: icwcgw5
Because women don’t exist in eu4, obviously. This is very good news. As women have never existed before 2022
12 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 21:34:47 ID: icvk4nu
Same reason a woman can't be Holy Roman Emperor without the rules being changed. It's a man's world.
13 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 23:20:10 ID: icvwls2
Remember Jeanne d'Arc? If I was a female ruler in those ages I will probably just leave religion matters to the cardenal just to prevent being accused of witchery or something like that.
14 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 21:53:31 ID: icvmegy
Free thinking women…? Can’t have that! Burn the witch!
ID: icvo3dr
But does she weigh as much as a duck?
15 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 23:23:35 ID: icvx012
Well because you are în early modern age,of course women are discriminated,the resons why is complex and dates back to religion and preconceptions
16 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 02:37:00 ID: icwi3ji
cause girls r yucky >.<
17 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 03:35:28 ID: icwnxjv
Clergy hates women.
18 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 23:20:40 ID: icvwnva
19 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 23:54:36 ID: icw0jot
Ruler is female