1 : Anonymous2022/06/14(Tue) 17:00:09 ID: vc83h6
In this thread, you can post a maps from your games, and other players can try to guess who you're playing, what year it is, and any other info you specify. Please only post maps in top-level comments. Such posts outside this thread will be removed by the moderators. [Click here]( to see past threads.
2 : Anonymous2022/06/15(Wed) 05:24:48 ID: icf77x5
It should be quite easy to guess the country. I'm mainly curious how well I'm doing. Link
ID: icfqbme
Spain 1530
3 : Anonymous2022/06/17(Fri) 03:58:29 ID: ico3w5i
Who am I and what year? I do have a vassal but it's pretty impossible to tell who it is so no need to guess that.
ID: icp7bsx
Yellow blob in the HRE. Either AI is slow with colonizing or you're expanding quite fast... 1500-1520?
ID: icoj722
Yellow blob in HRE (Westphalia?) Around 1510, honest can’t tell what the vassal be is it’s too hard to see
4 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 00:38:38 ID: icw5edb
First run as this country
5 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 09:17:26 ID: icxdqfe
I feel like it's probably pretty obvious, so bonus points for subjects.