The bookmobile was a traveling library often used to provide books to villages and city suburbs that had no library buildings. This one is from 1931.
1 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 22:37:07 ID: vfh4ok
The bookmobile was a traveling library often used to provide books to villages and city suburbs that had no library buildings. This one is from 1931.
2 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 22:37:07 ID: icvrmls
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3 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 22:59:07 ID: icvu6bh
This is still pretty common in some regions in Germany. Most of the larger cities like Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Augsburg have one of these.
ID: icvunz4
Same here in the Netherlands, they’re called ‘biebbus’ or ‘bibliobus’. Nowadays, most of them are not busses though, they’re huge trucks.
ID: icvx8j9
And the UK, mostly in rural areas but also in some suburban areas with poorer public transport options.
ID: icwhrus
There's still a bookmobile in my hometown in Wisconsin, USA as well
4 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 23:20:59 ID: icvwp98
I grew up in rural Kansas. The book mobile was legit my favorite part of summer.
5 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 23:10:07 ID: icvvgk5
The book bus was a common thing where I live in the UK run by the local school late 90s early 00s.
6 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 23:03:45 ID: icvuq2e
Still common in rural areas of Scotland, most notably Orkney's mobile library that covers all of their islands as well as the more remote communities on the main island
7 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 23:10:58 ID: icvvk4r
Still a thing in the US as well. I live in tiny town with a post office, church, and grain elevator for businesses. Ours comes every other Saturday.
ID: icw2l6u
Does it come out of fort vancouver?
8 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 22:43:27 ID: icvsd5h
We had a bookmobile come to our one room schoolhouse in Central California in 1984. I loved it then someone stole my library card. I was devastated. It was the other kid in kindergarten with me lol
ID: icw1t8u
About to say that I'd been using the bookmobile in So. Cal in the early-80s.
9 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 23:32:59 ID: icvy2sp
Back in the Chicago suburb I grew up in... a very long time ago in the 1980s... we had a bookmobile stop on our street twice per week. Many an hour was spent by me, perusing her glorious shelves of knowledge. I was (am) a nerd.
10 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 22:47:04 ID: icvss6b
Best car to be in if you break down in the middle of nowhere
ID: icw0tk1
I'd rather be in a tool truck to be honest lol.
11 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 22:50:12 ID: icvt54j
That's fantastic! Any idea where the picture was taken?
12 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 23:15:53 ID: icvw47c
I wonder if RABDARGAB was a thing back then
13 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 23:53:14 ID: icw0e7p
We have a school bus we converted into one. They take it to central spots at the mouth of a few hollows and park it so the kids can get books in the summer to keep up with reading
14 : Anonymous2022/06/18(Sat) 23:56:41 ID: icw0s05
We had a bookmobile that came to our neighborhood back in the 70s. It was pretty cool
15 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 00:12:22 ID: icw2hro
Had one come to my neighborhood when I was growing up. Very exciting! Not as old as that one tho
16 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 00:40:55 ID: icw5ndi
We had one of these in our town that was a converted panel truck. You could walk into it and browse like the mini library on wheels that it was. They discontinued it some time after the Internet went mainstream, but back in the day it was very cool.
17 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 01:42:19 ID: icwcaav
My city has repurposed newspaper dispensers into little libraries all over the place. Most of the books have been stolen and the dispensers defaced. I wonder how many books were stolen from that vehicle.
18 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 01:50:14 ID: icwd4cz
Pretty sure book mobiles are still a thing.
19 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 03:37:23 ID: icwo42f
I live in Akron, we have one of the top library systems in the country and we still have book mobiles. Here is one of them.
20 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 04:28:20 ID: icwsqd6
Bloomington Indiana still got one
21 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 04:33:39 ID: icwt6ug
I grew up in a mid-sized American city, and we had a book mobile well into the 1980s, maybe event until the 1990s.
22 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 04:34:01 ID: icwt7z7
My rural US hometown has one every Wednesday.
23 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 04:45:27 ID: icwu7is
We have a bookmobile at my school! All the books are free, people donate books for other people to take. I got a really awesome old book about Shakespeare's life from there once.
24 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 06:31:09 ID: icx2hm9
I just checked. Library trucks like this one still hold great book value.