1 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 02:04:20 ID: vfktjm
Tired of figuring out whether Sao insert Portuguese saint name belongs to Portugal, La Plata, Caraibas or Brazil or Portuguese Australia… I just want to fully annex Portugal! P.s. Portugal needs a debuff, it’s nonsensical how strong they are.
2 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 04:08:37 ID: icwqzho
If you're using Imperialism CB, choose to force vassalize, and then sort by province warscore. All provinces owned by Portugal will now have negative warscore, as Imperialism has 75% warscore cost when taking provinces, but 100% warscore cost on vassalization. If you don't, well, good luck finding them under the ti.
3 : Anonymous2022/06/19(Sun) 02:07:41 ID: icwezy4
They used to have it but they took it out a few patches ago. Also in this time period Portugal became one of the largest empires in history and created the first modern European overseas empire so I say don’t nerf them.
ID: icwg3re
How many patches? I’ve been around since 1.28! Sure they might have had an empire but not ALL of South America and Australia. You should be limited by non-oversea development when you colonize. They would never have had the manpower to upkeep that!
ID: icwgjwu
They had Brazil which was sparsely populated and some trading posts in Asia and Africa, nothing near on the level of the likes of Britain, Spain and France