1 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 01:06:10 ID: uilj58
Hi all, I have a Amazon Affiliate website on cleaning that I brought about 6 weeks ago. It has existing traffic and is making around $100 a month. I did the first easy win by updating the links and that has already increased my daily revenue. But now I want to produce articles so I can increase traffic. My traffic is slowly decreasing. But, how do I know what to write about? How should I go about my keyword research to figure out which ones I should tackle? This is my first website so swimming a bit in the dark. P.S, is it taboo of me to put what my actual website is? I don't know if there are unwritten rules about that....
2 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 01:53:39 ID: i7dgh81
Most don't reveal their site or exact niche. To start I would recommend building more content around your best performing articles. Keep doing what is working before branching out, especially if you are just starting. Besides that, I would look to replicate what is working for your lower level competitors. Find some low authority competing sites and try to replicate their top posts but much better. Once you pick a keyword make sure to Google it and look at the results yourself to try and determine the difficulty and search intent. This is key and with practice you will get better. Over time you can work your way up to higher competition keywords.
ID: i7egkto
How does one find the best-performing articles on a low authority site?
3 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 01:57:41 ID: i7dh00t
Good info. I've just started an Amazon store so I am in info gather mode This subreddit is a great resource.
4 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 02:36:41 ID: i7dm1ed
Go for high volume keywords. Use long tail variations of your keywords for topics and paragraph headings
ID: i7eiqrf
Could you post an example please?
5 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 04:17:09 ID: i7dxse8
Depending on how committed you are, I'd recommend getting a subscription to Surfer SEO. Since you're already getting traffic, the app can analyze your content and help you make a content marketing plan based on your existing niche. The app will also give you some deep research into your competition and how to beat their content pages. It won't cover link building but it will certainly help you with outranking their content pages.