1 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:02:53 ID: uj5x91
It's been about a week since I manually requested an index of my site, and it still doesn't appear anywhere in google search. I am searching with the site prefix: "site: mysite.com". Nada. This is my first site I put up so does this process just take a lot longer than I thought? I read some posts where it took months for a site to get indexed. Oh well, guess I will be waiting for awhile.
2 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:18:37 ID: i7gx0f1
Your site will be indexed sometime between now and never. Did you submit a sitemap to GSC? What does the coverage report say?
ID: i7h0v1m
No I didn't submit a sitemap, but I will work on one now. The only thing I did was click on "request indexing" where it was apparently put into a queue. All of my pages report as valid.
3 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:16:03 ID: i7hdtz2
Once your site is established, submitting a page to google will lead to rapid indexing. Takes time when your new. For reference, my site is around a year old and when I submit a new page to GSC it is crawled within minutes and usually also indexed. Also, check the coverage tab on google search console. You might see pages in one of two places- 1) discovered not yet crawled 2) crawled not currently indexed Both of these can be rectified by submitting again sometimes, but if they have already been crawled it might be because they think the pages are too similar. Hope this helps.
4 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:22:11 ID: i7henjq
Can you share your website here? Remember: add content to make it worth for google to crawl it the content should be all original and high quality. Don’t plagiarise it and definitely don’t write it up quickly look at what competitors are including on their website to match the website intent That should do it but If you want more help feel free to reach out and I’ll gladly take a look.
ID: i7ibkty
Nah I'd rather not share my site but it doesn't have any spam or anything like that. I think the first-time crawl takes awhile like others mentioned, I'll just be patient.