1 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 12:51:03 ID: uiwqmv
Court in Fiji approves U.S. warrant to seize Russian-owned mega-yacht
2 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 14:14:36 ID: i7ff4p4
Christ almighty, look at the size of that thing.
ID: i7fpmxh
Look at the number of fuel trucks queued in front. Imagine the amount of money it would cost just to fill the tank up.
ID: i7fxcr2
Here's the inside if you're interested. Some highlights - Includes a teppanyaki grill, a rotisserie and a hog-roaster.  On-board cinema includes D-box motion seats Dinner seating for 16 The owner’s cabin opens out on to a private terrace with a mosaic-lined spa pool. A fiber optic light ceiling includes all the signs of the zodiac. Everything, from the entertainment to the curtains and blinds, is controlled via dedicated iPads. There are 6,500 devices in the interior design. Equipped with a helipad and contains a limo tender, a Pascoe beach lander, cabrio sports boat, and two custom windy boats Hand-painted Pleyel piano - All told, the piano took 18 months and thousands of hours to build.
ID: i7fsuc7
I'm nearly 40. I'm quite sure that fucking boat is larger than every house I've ever owned, every apartment I've ever rented, put together. And I move pretty often...
ID: i7fioxc
If that’s a mega-yacht imagine the size of a mega-pint
ID: i7fsh3q
Wait until you see [Dilbar]. The owner built in it in triplicate. He has three of these. $800mm each. ( Edit: There’s a great YouTube channel all about yachts, and he has daily updates about the mega yachts that have been seized. He’s been ships crew on mega yachts for years and has a ton of insight. Definitely worth a binge. eSysman is the channel
ID: i7fm98o
When you stand 30 feet apart from everyone else, it can get sort of vacuous.
ID: i7fy08k
It looks like the bridge of an Imperial Star Destroyer. I can’t imagine how nice that thing is inside and how many secret weapons it has.
ID: i7fnvxn
That’s what she said
ID: i7fztl0
Can you imagine how many Russian slaves citizens suffered, so he could ride around in style?
ID: i7fy7ew
It’s opulence. Grossly excessive opulence in the face of so many with so much less. It says bad things about our species that we can enjoy these things enough to pay so much and have it made. A third of a billion, you say? And here I thought 5m for a car was excessive.
ID: i7g87xz
I'm usually one not to impose my opinion on how people spend their money.... But this is just ridiculous. It just seems that after stealing absolutely ludicrous amounts of money, all you can do is spend it on a big dumb boat, or private planes because simply nothing else costs that much. I doubt owning either of these things offers much more convenience than simply chartering one when needed. It's just so hard to understand. Like you'd have to posess a certain level of frugality or shrewdness to attain that type of wealth in there first place, but then to waste such amounts on what is quite literally just a "flex" seems like such a contradiction.
ID: i7fpect
Cut the chatter, Red Two! Accelerate to attack speed!
ID: i7goaf4
I stumbled upon a Russian oligarch's yacht a few years back in Italy. Can't even begin to explain the size. Those tiny trap doors and the aft port have like 6 regular boats inside. Yes, that tiny thing next to it is a super nice speedboat. Another door had 2 helicopters inside, and that doesn't count the helicopter on the helipad at the rear. The people hanging on the sides cleaning it looked like ants. Fuck billionaires and their persecution complex.
ID: i7fj82y
That’s what she said.
ID: i7ft203
Cut the chatter Red Two, accelerate to attack speed.
ID: i7fkgud
Is the name of Donricardo1958's porno.
ID: i7gxsvs
it is reportedly worth a THIRD OF A BILLION (BILLION) DOLLARS..... Yachts are easily amongst the most expensive single items civilians can own, which is why they are usually how rich people flaunt their wealth.
ID: i7fnnk5
The should but quite a few stinger missiles
ID: i7fjxq9
ID: i7gjiox
That’s no moon…
ID: i7fs6n5
That’s what she said
ID: i7fsvo4
That’s what she said.
ID: i7fu0rl
That's what she said
ID: i7fv7jl
That's what she said.
ID: i7fn8xt
ID: i7fpir0
Thank you
ID: i7fxt9r
I need a banana for scale
ID: i7g1l0j
Jesus Christ, it’s Jason Bourne!
ID: i7g1nbi
Imagine how many more zillions were stolen from russian people by pootin and his friends
ID: i7g6ifd
That thing is oppulant to the point where you literally have the wealth to save many people's lives and you're like na fuck it I have an idea.
ID: i7g6rkm
First time hearing that
ID: i7g7m0p
I don't see any lifeboats. Probably hidden. Or, maybe they need just one for the owner.
ID: i7gdusy
Fucking hell if I would be a billionaire I wouldn't even know what todo with such a thing.
ID: i7giuit
It’s like a cruise ship
3 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:05:50 ID: i7fmone
Question: Why would Fiji turn the boat over to the US instead of keeping it themselves?
ID: i7ft87w
Based on what I've heard from a YT channel: Fiji detained it for a couple random things, most likely to hold it until the court case for the US went through. The crimes Fiji held it for weren't enough to seize the vessel, the US's charges are for money laundering and a couple other things that are serious enough. So now the US just has the boat detained until their case goes through to actually seize it.
ID: i7fo4ug
Russia might come and take it back from Fiji, but they won’t from The US.
ID: i7fp8lg
Which navy has the better chance of keeping the boat? Fiji’s? Or the US? Edit: it has been correctly pointed out that the Russian navy could be held off by a particularly motivated Girl Scout troop. Fiji would be fine.
ID: i7fnb2t
Might not have the capacity to do anything meaningful with it or possibly getting a cash payout.
ID: i7ghtdt
Fiji has a strong relationship with the US, NZ and Aus in the Pacific, and there is a lot of funding going there for other things. The US is also coming is with aid programming to counter China and I am sure there was the promise of more to cleanly had this over. Source: I’m in Fiji
ID: i7fvipp
Would you rather have a small island deal with it or the biggest Navy in the world?
ID: i7gngp8
Fiji's Navy is basically three guys and a kayak
ID: i7hfp2x
Fiji is a US protectorate
ID: i7fxyzc
The case is complex. Go watch esysman on youtube. Essentially the US has charged the believed owner of money laundering separate from the Ukraine conflict. So Fiji might not have a case, do they even impose sanctions? Also, the court case is assumed to drag out for years and the seizer has to maintain it during that time. That thing costs over 30 million per year to run normally so just keeping it in top shape won't be cheap.
ID: i7g4lg9
Imagine the cost of operating the boat, a small country like Fiji would not want to pay the running costs.
ID: i7gj4fq
Not a bad thing to do a favor for the US specially in times of war
4 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 12:58:37 ID: i7f53sp
325 million dollar yacht. So figure in the 200 million dollar range of being an auction vessel and all the legal hoops to jump through for selling it. That one yacht will probably rebuild a few square blocks of Kyiv on its own. I think they should rename some of the streets in the city after the yachts. Like an adopt a highway thing. If nothing else it will really piss off the ruling class in Russia.
ID: i7ffw4z
That's kinda funny joke about naming streets after yachts but better names would be Ukrainian symbols of joy and strength and perhaps some war heroes.
ID: i7fui1y
Maybe name public toilets
ID: i7flwbi
If these were American owned yachts I think we'd be seeing names like "Nosecandy Street" or "Deez-Nutz Avenue".
ID: i7fyzch
...except NOBODY is going to buy these things. Might as well paint a giant bullseye on the side while they're at it.
ID: i7ftgli
I was thinking you sail it straight to Mariupol and start evacuating refugees.
ID: i7g28qo
You think that money is going back to rebuild Ukraine? Ha!
ID: i7g4eo1
So the Oligarchs who only make what, $100 grand a year? They're just reallyyyyy reallyyyyyyyy good at saving!
ID: i7htq4n
Amadea street is a nice name
ID: i7hzr6g
The cost to run the thing is far more mind boggling than the cost of the yacht itself. God, the fuel costs.
ID: i7g5w4p
Cops’ll keep it
ID: i7fxpfm
So can iraq a d Afghanistan take gates or zuckerberg assets to build their country? Usa stole 7b from Afghanistan... aggressor stealing from victims .. to pay for 911 families.. not saudi but afghanista.
ID: i7fwej0
Or they can transport the yacht to Ukraine and use it as a luxurious public water transportation.
ID: i7g0lwp
Seizing for sale?
ID: i7g81k8
Is this the plan with the seized yachts and property ? I really hope that's the plan
ID: i7ga49t
200 mill at auction, 50 mill after fees and taxes, 20O mill once the resources reach the intended destination
ID: i7gap9l
With how customize these are will they actually get that much? Any buyer would want to gut and rebuild to their specifications. And there will be a bunch of them entering the market so might further depress the prices.
ID: i7gdctx
Naming the playgrounds in those streets after these yachts would work. Toys from crooks became toys for kids.
ID: i7gdxi1
The should name the streets where the Russian brass keep being snuffed out after them. Frolov Headshot Avenue
ID: i7geycg
I think they should rename some of the streets in the city after the yachts. I dunno. Rich people name their boats some seriously stupid shit. Like just a step up from "letting the internet name it" stupid.
5 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 14:44:00 ID: i7fjf2n
$325 million dollar yeah, but it was seized six days after berth. So it’s worth like half?
ID: i7fsskf
After such depreciation, it's it even worth it?
ID: i7fzhy1
Once ya take it off the lot that depreciation really hits.
6 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:50:48 ID: i7g1xs8
Mega yacht seizures so hot right now
7 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 14:38:37 ID: i7fimpo
Why do these people need yachts like this? Is it a display of power? Or do they plan on living in these yachts in case the world goes to shit?
ID: i7flm9i
I think if the world goes to shit they will have a hard time supplying their ships.
ID: i7fjaob
Both? Both. Definitely both.
ID: i7fy99t
It's a mansion that can be in Antigua, Monaco, Tahiti, Bali, Miami, wherever you want, whenever you want.
ID: i7fusjv
They are essentially floating HQ’s for the owners. They can vacation, conduct business, entertain guests, etc. at essentially every major location in the world. And they can do it in-person with their own security detail while being effectively out of jurisdiction of any legal authority. Want to have a confidential meeting with your Wells Fargo banker? Park the yacht outside of Monaco, helicopter the banker to your yacht, and now you have a private and secure in-person meeting that can then be used to entertain with drinks, women, and drugs of choice all about as risk-free as you can be when you are a billionaire criminal. And you can be somewhere else by the time you wake up after the night of partying and helicopter your banker to the nearest airport.
ID: i7flk51
Yachts are for peasants. you haven’t made it until you have a space program.
ID: i7g3974
It’s to get the ladies nice and tipsy topside so they can take them to a nice, comfortable place below deck and you know they can’t refuse, because of the implication.
ID: i7fovre
Gotta spend money on something
ID: i7fk53k
there are no laws in international waters. so doing criminal activities outside any nation would be just activities
ID: i7fj9qr
Money laundering, same with "fine art" sales.
ID: i7fyfch
Because the owner wants privacy/security when they vacation. It is also likely used for "networking" or "representation". Think of it as a very expensive version of taking clients out for dinner.
ID: i7fw52q
They lose value at a slower rate then inflation. It's basically money laundering
ID: i7fso6s
These yachts are so that they can go into international waters and have sex with children. Even on the off-chance that that is not true, it would be better if people believed it was true.
ID: i7g15wt
It’s because of the implication, come on now
ID: i7g4yjq
Bragging rights and dodging the law in international waters. They don't spend more than a few weeks on it
ID: i7g5nuq
It’s physical storage of wealth that’s somewhat isolated from the market
ID: i7g80ss
When you have that kind of money, 'want' becomes the new 'need'
ID: i7gbz4y
I mean, it would be awesome to vacation on this thing and travel to coast cities. But it’s still insane
ID: i7ge5hq
Movable asset that can easily be transported to (literal) safe havens.
8 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:20:33 ID: i7fovrc
Oh come on, how big can it... Holy crap are those artics‽ This is what happens when 25% of your GDP is lost to corruption. A few men get mega-yachts while the majority don't have paved roads or indoor toilets.
ID: i7g12j0
Sounds like america. The whole world is fucked
9 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:40:29 ID: i7gib58
the more I see these same headlines the more I believe the only thing Russia spends its money on are mega yachts and war crimes
ID: i7h6phd
"Nevada siezes Xbox from Russian oligarch" doesn't draw as many clicks.
10 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:33:30 ID: i7gq9uf
Lmao a whooooole lot of "that's not mine" coming from Russian oligarchs these days.
11 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:03:52 ID: i7fme4d
Honest question, not rating anything. On what legal basis are they doing this? As I understand it, those ships are privately owned and do not belong to the state of russia. Is this not theft somehow? How does this fit the traditional american approach to the concept of private property?
ID: i7fn02v
NAL but I am assuming in the same way that the Feds in the US seize drug dealers property. If it was obtained through illegal means then its not theft for a government to confiscate it. The US is likely claiming the same thing here that it was bought using bribes and corruption. The local court just agreed.
ID: i7fnrxk
World governments aren’t just sanctioning the Russian government. There’s a long list of oligarchs with close ties to Putin who are being individually named in sanctions. The US is claiming this yacht belongs to one such oligarch. The company that this yacht is registered to says it actually belongs to a different Russian who is not personally named in any sanctions so that’s why they’re appealing this ruling. That’s all I can say without speaking on a topic I’m pretty ignorant about. So that’s the argued legal basis in which they’re doing this.
ID: i7g0ot3
Executive Order 1661 and 1662, which have authority from the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) (NEA), section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (8 U.S.C. 1182(f)), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code. Essentially, the government determined that a certain group of oligarchs play an outsized role in contributing to (and benefiting from) malign Russian activity. These individuals are identified in an addendum to the first executive order. Those individuals have been sanctioned, and the EOs claim that blocking property to the named entities benefits American interests by limiting the financial resources of a malignant entity. So essentially, the grounds are "you're fucking with Ukraine, so we're taking your shit." If you want the legal basis, the first paragraph of this comment provides that. The executive branch has fairly broad authority to take these sorts of enforcement actions.
ID: i7fogz6
Does the concept of private and state really apply to the Russian elite or is it more analogous to a mob family?
ID: i7ghdts
If a foreigner has property in another country that they enter a war or conflict with, it’s pretty typical for the government to take the property they had and say “fuck you this is ours now”. Same thing is happening with all the old McDonald’s in Russia, and with a lot of mansions and villas in Europe.
ID: i7gjr9o
These ships sail in international waters, and so, once docked in a foreign state, they are subject to local laws and regulations. If Fiji decides to allow the US to seize such property, then the owners would have to challenge either the US or Fiji in a court of law… But since Russia is at war with the Ukraine, and is also threatening nuclear war against just about everyone all bets are off really. Oh fuck it, we might as well ask what legal basis Russia has for invading the Ukraine, murdering civilians and chopping fingers, toes and dicks off their prisoners. The more we hurt the oligarchs by taking their wealth and power away, the sooner somebody will off Putin. That’s the idea. Pray it happens soon because nuclear war has never been more likely.
ID: i7gy5ll
You can't effectively separate state owned and oligarch owned assets when it comes to Russia. Oligarchs got their shit by swindling the state.
ID: i7fo5i1
Have you missed America's love affair with civil asset forfeiture? Usually it's just used to criminally abuse poor people, but this? This I can get behind.
ID: i7ftz03
It is theft, but US is the pirate so everyone cheers.
ID: i7g8t5r
While I don’t feel bad for the oligarchs, governments do all sort of stealing. They can pass pretty much any law and do any thing. Jews were moved to concentration camps legally so don’t mistake legal framework for moral framework.
ID: i7ftle5
If you rob a bank and use stolen gains to then buy physical assets, those assets are ill-gotten. Recent sanctions and most likely other info by the US probably indicates the yacht was purchased with ill-gotten money.
ID: i7g2ifp
In the good old US, if you have any thing of value, it must have come from illegal means, so it’s up for “civil asset forfeiture”. Then it’s up to you to prove you got it legally.
ID: i7gec44
We've sanctioned individuals as well as the country as a whole. So there's a legal proceeding that occurs before the yacht is seized.
12 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:24:12 ID: i7g6x7u
I think that that monster would make a fine torpedo/gunnery target. And then a good foundation for a coral reef.
ID: i7guuzb
Actually it would be a pretty terrible one. The issue is, as a civilian pleasure craft of only modest warship size, it would be sunk really fast by anything thrown at it while not being representative of even a ship of similar size in combat.
ID: i7gocj9
Wrecks are the best make shift reefs ever. a secure secluded structure for fishes to hide and great diving locations.
13 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:43:45 ID: i7g9vu6
I think a televised (pay per view) of us sinking them would be awesome
14 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:49:34 ID: i7garmj
From the article: But an attorney who represents Millemarin Investments, the company the $325 million ship is registered to, said it's not owned by Kerimov. Instead, he argued in court that corporate paperwork traces the ship's ownership to Eduard Khudainatov, a former executive at Russia's state-owned Rosneft oil company who has not been sanctioned.  So asking the obvious question: How does an executive at a state owned oil company afford this beast? I'm asking because I genuinely do not know. Do state owned companies in Russia compensate executives at ridiculous levels like we do here in America? Or is this evidence of good, old fashioned corruption?
ID: i7gbiht
Good old corruption.
ID: i7h6s16
its russia.
15 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:34:22 ID: i7g017p
I am glad to see this. One benefit of this sad situation is that the US, Ukraine and some of the EU can see truly who there friends are.
16 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:34:13 ID: i7g00n4
Russian luxury ship -- go fuck yourself.
17 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:44:25 ID: i7g13wx
At what point do we start calling these "yachts" mini cruise ships?
18 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:01:45 ID: i7g3j1o
That's not a boat; that's a self-propelled Island.
19 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:48:00 ID: i7gaj2i
God this is just another level of wealthy I haven’t grasped. I thought I balled out when I split a lake boat rental last summer with 20 people to go drinking
20 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:09:35 ID: i7gvonn
Captain here for source: that thing is upwards of 5 million a year to maintain including fuel and crew. Won't go into the details but think of a hotel then associate the same costs. Also they usually register these things in places that don't have taxes. So the crew makes straight money. Usually 500-1000 a day.
21 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 14:46:38 ID: i7fjt65
Im assuming that's where Johnny's mega pint wine is at
ID: i7flm2p
Hearsay your Honor.
ID: i7g4wlr
Objection, speculation.
ID: i7fk5nq
Were you there?
22 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:50:29 ID: i7gawm8
Jesus, that thing is bigger than my house. Wealth inequality in this world is insane.
23 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:26:30 ID: i7gp78c
They have to keep us focused on the Russian super rich or we might look around and realize what the American super rich are getting up to.
24 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:24:40 ID: i7fpi9q
So what's the US planning on doing with it?
ID: i7fqpc0
Selling it. Sending money to Ukraine (or buying weapons for Ukraine on it)
25 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:12:16 ID: i7fnn06
They're NOT gonna need a bigger boat...
26 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:11:55 ID: i7ge42n
Fuck, I could watch Russian yachts get seized all day. I dont give a shit about your yacht.
27 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:53:36 ID: i7ftwwo
They should have password protected it
28 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:26:09 ID: i7gg7bc
We've been hearing about all these yachts being seized. My question is whongets the yacht once it's seized?
ID: i7gix1p
It's retained by the authorities until a court hearing. If the courts determine that it was purchased using some laundered money or other criminal mechanism (which every single Russian yacht was) then it can be auctioned by the state.
29 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:20:14 ID: i7go91p
It’s gonna get to a point where russia has nothing left but nukes
30 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:21:23 ID: i7gofea
1 million seconds is 12 days. 1 billion seconds is 32 years.
31 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:31:06 ID: i7gpwn3
Can we just gift it to the Fijian govt?
32 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:11:55 ID: i7hstxz
That boat is basically the iPad mini to a cruise ship’s normal iPad.
33 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 01:10:26 ID: i7hzc5x
God, I hate rich people.
34 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 01:28:10 ID: i7i1hwt
Turn it in to a Ukrainian destroyer
35 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 13:33:33 ID: i7f9ipt
Anyone else wondering what kind of intelligence might be aboard these things?
ID: i7fvd4z
Hello, superyacht crew here. Absolutely nothing… it is what it is, just a lump of floating money woth questionable interior design.
ID: i7fl76e
It's russian so there's none aboard.
ID: i7fqghk
Who knows, they belong to oligarchs. There might not be anything directly related to the actual Russian government, but intel on these guys themselves could be very valuable.
ID: i7fjqan
Now I am.
ID: i7fjwo2
I’m getting down voted for asking that question? Does Putin use Reddit?? Lmao 😂
36 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:49:02 ID: i7g1p6d
I'm still not understanding how this works, legally. Owner is Russian, so other countries can legally take their stuff because they're mad at Russia? How does that work? Is there evidence that the owner is actually a war profiteer? It's he connected to the government in any way? American and Fijian officials claim the Cayman Islands-flagged Amadea is the property of Suleiman Kerimov, an oligarch who built his fortune on gold mining. So probably not a wonderful guy, but it's not like he's an arms dealer. Why him? Just because he's Russian and rich? Why yachts from billionaires and not summer homes from mere millionaires?
ID: i7gfh8e
Millionaires' shit isn't worth taking, the admin and man hours wouldn't be worth it.
ID: i7g4dco
It is basically piracy.
ID: i7gh6os
Is there evidence that the owner is actually a war profiteer? Yes. There was a legal proceeding in the US at which evidence was presented that he was rightfully sanctioned. Fiji is enforcing that judgement. I don't know enough about the case to know how good the case was, but evidence was presented to a court.
ID: i7gj2sy
Russia is attempting to take Ukraine. Is Russia operating legally? The owners of these yachts have power and influence in Russia. Seize their toys and force them to act to stop the war in Ukraine. They can protest the yacht seizures and go to court... or they don't for X number of days and the court rules against them. Then they get auctioned off.
ID: i7gyltg
russian bot
ID: i7gymwp
russian bot
ID: i7ggk7b
I am not a lawyer, but countries grant each other these rights through trade agreements. They protect each other from these types of circumstances.
37 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:22:56 ID: i7fyfcv
"Excuse me, would you like to buy a $300 million yacht seized from a government with a very long history of assassinating anyone it doesn't like?" "Uhhhh... I'd prefer to live, thank you."
38 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:01:18 ID: i7fv40q
When Russian billionaires get handouts from the government and help prop up their wars abroad, it’s oligarchy. When American billionaires do it, it’s capitalism. Other countries need to start seizing American assets for the violence we are inflicting on Yemen
ID: i7go613
Not supporting US billionaires here, but comparing them to Russian oligarchs is honestly pretty asinine. They’re not even in the same league with respect to money and power relative to their respective economies and governments. There’s literally orders of magnitude difference.
39 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:14:30 ID: i7g5g0q
Seize all russian owned assets. Sell them. Send the money to Ukraine.
40 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:28:52 ID: i7fzbyj
Nations should seize every oligarch's mega-yachts... among other assets.
41 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:25:18 ID: i7g736l
Cool. Sink it. Nobody needs those
42 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:54:10 ID: i7gbgr3
That’s cool. Putin’s still killing people though.
43 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:23:54 ID: i7got3e
How did the U.S. come to procure all the yachts?
44 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:24:01 ID: i7gotsa
5-10years and Putin is gone
ID: i7gvcex
I mean healthwise that's pretty much guaranteed if anything regarding his health is to be believed.
45 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:36:45 ID: i7gzpr4
With all those seized yacht, you can end homelessness here in america
46 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:14:29 ID: i7h59y4
yacht? that's a fucking cruise ship 😳
47 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:24:21 ID: i7h6o8h
🙋🏻‍♂️…..ready willing and able to provide my tender services for a ride home. I’ll even fly myself down to Fiji. Just allow me a few days of surfing at Cloudbreak.
48 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:25:55 ID: i7h6w8o
Ohhhh we’re gonna have some fun on that
49 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:42:01 ID: i7h958o
So THIS is what a credit swap is. 😂
50 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:52:38 ID: i7hamhn
Why doesn’t Fiji take the yacht and sell it to the US?? Guaranteed Fiji could use an extra $200-400m
51 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:26:51 ID: i7hf9xy
They are hiding gold in the ship
52 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:37:20 ID: i7hgntf
Fiji should get to keep it. They are and island nation they can make it into a tourist attraction. Party on an oligarch’s yacht. I’d do it.
53 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:14:28 ID: i7ht69s
US: You want to keep selling bottled water for $.25 Fl oz?
54 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:36:14 ID: i7hvmqp
I thought Fiji is an independent country. What will happen to it if they refused to allow the yacht to be seized.
ID: i7i6lgo
55 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:44:56 ID: i7hwhku
So collective punishment is back on the menu?
56 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 04:10:51 ID: i7ik8k7
See guys? It feels good to take shit from billionaires. We should do this to all of them!
57 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 06:04:44 ID: i7iuic3
While we’re talking about Fiji… y’all should read up on Stewart and Lynda Resnick. The owners of Fiji water, and that pom juice stuff. Tl;Dr: they’re evil as fuck and you should never buy Fiji water or pom juice.
58 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 08:12:18 ID: i7j3r33
Is it just going to end up in some other assholes collection of things they don't need? Yes it is. It's going to end up belonging to someone who's just as shitty, they just happen to not be caught on the wrong side of a stupid war this time. There's zero way I'm gonna believe shit like this ends up bettering anything. I've got such a lack of trust in the whole "rich people running the world look at how they're standing up for what's right" bullshit.
59 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 08:13:22 ID: i7j3to7
US: hey can you grab that yacht, fuck Russia amirite Fiji: lol, sure fam
60 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:57:08 ID: i7fugno
My neighbour is Russian , can I take his Honda Civic ?
ID: i7fw0sk
No he’s on American soil which means his property rights are protected by due process. When you’re in international territory tho, all your Honda r belong 2 us
61 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:13:06 ID: i7fwxdb
I'm excited for the day when I see headlines like "Worker Collective seizes even more assets from corrupt American Oligarchs"
62 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:05:58 ID: i7fvu2r
What do they do with it? Sell it to an American or European oligarch at a discount and give the proceeds to Ukraine?
63 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:29:16 ID: i7g7opm
These threads are the best. Tons of Russian trolls trying to make the narrative out as the US doing something negative by confiscating assets from sanctioned individuals that are part of the ruling party (decision makers) that caused the sanctions in the first place. They over reached.. they are now paying for it. Oh, but they "said" this isn't a sanctioned individual. Yeah, and how many ppl caught with illegal possessions say "It ain't mine". The guy they said "owns it" can't even afford it.
ID: i7goojp
Oh, but they "said" this isn't a sanctioned individual. That's what was argued in court. But here, in these very comments, you can see that The Kremlin is using different tactics. They're trying their best to paint this as "civil asset forfeiture," which they know is very unpopular. But you'll see no mention of sanctions, which is a completely different legal argument. In fact, they're almost opposites. Asset forfeiture tries to separate property from the owner, and then seize it without having to prove the owner committed crimes. But sanction enforcement tries to connect property to foreign adversaries, which was the crux of this particular case. And this is not about criminal justice. It's foreign policy, where NATO is exercising its soft power. It's economic warfare. It's wild seeing such blatant muddying of the waters happen right before your eyes. And the worst part is that you don't know if the commenter you're looking at is an employee of the Russian government, or just someone who fell for their bullshit.
64 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:46:24 ID: i7fst0v
Whether you support Russia or Ukraine - HOW. IS. THIS. LEGAL. You can’t just seize somebody’s property because you don’t like what their Country’s Govt is doing or did. Could you imagine a country seizing Jeff Bezos Yacht because the USA killed a family of four in a drone strike?
ID: i7gl7cs
This is how sanctions work. It's legal because the owner of the ship was trying to evade those sanctions
ID: i7g6gzf
Legal is a thing court say is legal, ehehe.
ID: i7ftx0p
The constitution prevents that for US citizens, but since they are not US citizens anything goes.
ID: i7g5yec
You dont seem to understand that in the world there is no such thing as legal or illegal, there is only what you are willing to do or not do and if you have the power to do it. Laws are only things that are applied to the people who lack the power to do whatever they want to do. And your decision to do or not do something is just a decision of if you think you can get away with it or if the cost of doing it will become too high. When Russia decided to illegally invade Ukraine they broke the peaceful mutual respect that they had with many other nations and in that moment all current laws, regulations, and understandings have now become useless and are only a matter of what each party thinks would be pushing it too far. You have to understand how this plays out from a logical perspective. To the people outside Russia the oligarchs did not earn their riches, rather they stole it from the Russian people. They did so be being blatantly given power and control over social enterprises, corruption, and other nefarious methods. So to the west, these people never earned or had a right to these Yachts in the first place. They were only allowed to have them as long as Russia was reasonably peaceful. Also in case you don't know these Yachts are basically mobile banks accounts stuffed with riches the Oligarchs keep so they can get out and save themselves in the event change of power takes place in Russia.
ID: i7g7s3h
Civil asset forfeiture has been a thing for a long time. Idk why people are surprised
ID: i7gkhh9
Freezing destroys the economic benefits of ownership. But the owner at least retains the hope that, when the conflict is over and the freeze order ends, the property – or its equivalent in money – will return. Confiscation means selling off the property and giving the proceeds, along with any cash seized, to a designated beneficiary – in this case, people acting on behalf of Ukraine. The International Economic Emergency Powers Act of 1977 permits only freezing, and not selling, foreign property in the course of an international crisis. Since then, the U.S. has frequently used the power to seize assets belonging to foreign individuals or nations as an economic sanction to punish what it considers bad behavior. For example, after Iran stormed and seized the American embassy in Tehran, the U.S. government seized billions of dollars in Iranian assets in the U.S, including cash and property. The U.S. has also frozen assets of Venezuela and the Taliban over ties to terrorism and Russian individuals considered responsible for human rights violations, thanks to the Magnitsky Act. In all these cases, the United States held on to the foreign property rather than sell it off. In some cases, it used the seized property as a bargaining chip toward a future settlement. In 2016, the Obama administration famously returned US$400 million to Iran that the U.S. had seized after the embassy siege in 1979 – delivering stacks of Swiss francs stuffed inside a Boeing 737. In other cases, the assets remain under government control, administered by an office of the U.S. Treasury, in hope that eventually some compromise can be reached. The Patriot Act, adopted in the wake of 9/11, created a limited exception to the confiscation ban in instances in which the United States is at war. The U.S. never has used this authority. And despite the increasingly heated rhetoric, stepped-up sanctions and growing aid for Ukraine, the U.S. is not at war with Russia.
ID: i7ftm2u
Russia is an oligarchy that uses Putin as it's figurehead. These people are rich because of the government
ID: i7fvok4
Oh no won’t someone please think of the poor oligarch.
ID: i7fv3wv
Yeah but these people work for the state of Russia. It would be a lot more like if someone seized a vice presidents assets after we murdered and raped thousands of people. Not just 4.
ID: i7fzkrr
Oh no, does this make it harder for them to fund the army that keeps killing civilians? 🙁
ID: i7gnfud
It’s legal because these assets are components of massive money laundering operations, as are effectively all of the oligarchs’ high-dollar assets Money laundering is illegal everywhere, as is seizing related assets
65 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:37:40 ID: i7frhd0
seized on what grounds? This is absurd
ID: i7fvgum
It wasn't seized on any grounds. It was seized on the water.
ID: i7gnoe5
On what grounds did Russia invade Ukraine? These oligarchs are state actors in effect, and their proterty should be confiscated against the state crimes of Russia.
ID: i7gkwvs
On the grounds that the owner is trying attempting to bypass sanctions
ID: i7fxc5m
Granted they aren't U.S citizens so they technically don't need any reasons to seize their property, but even if they were civil forfeiture has been a thing for a long time.
ID: i7g2u21
I bet you are cool with civil forfeiture tho.
ID: i7fuap0
US being hypocritical assholes as usual.
ID: i7gmsmm
The only bummer is we're only doing it to Russian oligarchs. We should seize the property of our ruling class as well ☺.
66 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:20:21 ID: i7foumw
Team America World Police does it again...
67 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:55:36 ID: i7fu85b
So collective punishment is back on the menu?
ID: i7gmm1y
This seems pretty specifically targeted…
68 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:37:57 ID: i7g0fpa
So just like that the us can take anything they want anywhere in the world?
ID: i7g8i9y
You have that privilege when you’re internationally untouchable
69 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:41:22 ID: i7g0snw
Isn’t that theft? What’s the legal ground to just grab personal yachts
ID: i7g6dm0
The same as seizing the proceeds from any other crime. The owner is being accused of money laundering amongst other things. Its no different than seizing property of any criminal.
ID: i7g6sqx
Yeah it is theft but Russia/Billionaires bad, so most everyone on Reddit will cheer for it anyway
ID: i7gkt5j
They aren't allowed to sell them off... yet. In some cases, the seized property is used as a bargaining chip toward a future settlement. You maybe motivate the oligarchs to use their power and influence to bring a stop to this war.
70 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:30:17 ID: i7g7ubk
How can a Fiji court approve an american company to seize a russian asset. It just seems so sketchy.
ID: i7ggvh5
It's the American government seizing it, not a US company. Governments cooperate all the time with seizing property and individuals wanted by another government for crimes committed not in the seizing country's jurisdiction. Do you think all criminals should just be able to cross a border and live scot-free?
71 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:46:35 ID: i7g1df1
I mean the U.S. keeps stealing wheat heading to Syria, so they are pretty professional at piracy
72 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:38:38 ID: i7g0ibb
I really hate that they’re using the bullshit tactic of civil asset forfeiture.
73 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:29:41 ID: i7fzg5x
The US should just drive it out to the middle of the ocean and have a US navy warship just fucking destroy it, record the whole thing and put it online.
74 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:52:44 ID: i7g27ja
Will be tied up in courts for years. More money spent on lawyers. 🙄
75 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:46:41 ID: i7gabs2
LAW & ORDER: oligarch yacht squad!
76 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:06:24 ID: i7gm6k4
This kind of wealth inequality should make us all vote for increased taxation and closing of these off shore tax loopholes.
77 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:22:27 ID: i7golag
America FUCK YEAH World police Edit: real talk though… I doubt Fiji was given much of an option.
78 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:48:15 ID: i7h1fkh
Hopefully various countries will seize the assets of wealthy Americans the next time the US starts a war
ID: i7h6rrg
If it’s an unjust one
79 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:40:05 ID: i7g0nqj
ID: i7g4xgk
That’s the mindset the Russians want you to have. Keep avoiding situations that do not concern you, until they are fully able to challenge you and actually have a chance of winning. Inaction didn’t work in the US’s favor in WW1&2.
ID: i7gvitr
I think it a fallacy to believe this has nothing to do with us. We live in a very connect global world, even more so than in the olden days where things like an empire’s expansion could and did cause issues for everyone else
80 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:22:42 ID: i7fye21
Can we just seize all mega yachts regardless if Russian owned or not. They are completely useless.
81 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:03:00 ID: i7g3ps0
What's the legal reasoning on allowing a country to seize the property of citizens of another country because of something their government is doing? I haven't seen it explained anywhere.
ID: i7gzdgn
It's specifically used against oligarchs profiteering off of the war. It's not used willy nilly against all rich Russians.
82 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:47:55 ID: i7g1jod
The legal precedent this sets is something that needs thorough litigation and consideration on wether it’s a door that should even be opened in the first place; the KSA surely is eyeing the potential to seize foreign assets ported in the UAE peninsula if this becomes something that is seen as ‘ok’.
ID: i7ge5p5
It's something that can be fixed after the fact with money. In the meantime, their pride and sense of power gets wrecked. With luck, Putin gets worried.
83 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:06:21 ID: i7g47vb
Good work; get the American and European mega yachts while you're at it
84 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:01:32 ID: i7h3ess
Fuck Russia, but also fuck any sort of civil asset forfeiture. This shouldn't be legal.
ID: i7h6pw8
When it’s doing such a thing to the leaders of a hostile foreign power; This is certainly by far the least harmful way to tbe innocent of exerting pressure
85 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:09:55 ID: i7fwfuv
I really want the US govt to either sell these to buy weapons for Ukraine or donate them to aid agencies for evacuations or medial services. Would love for there to be images of these oligarchs yachts being used directly against them.
ID: i7g4hb6
From the article: Legislation passed by the House of Representatives on April 27 would allow the U.S. to sell the yacht and other properties worth more than $2 million seized from Russian oligarchs in order to fund the Ukrainian war effort. President Joe Biden supports the bill, which has yet to pass the Senate.
ID: i7g06d8
Selling the yachts to fund Ukraine is literally the plan
86 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:40:04 ID: i7g0no7
You people are all brainwashed idiots 😂
ID: i7gqcll
I actually agree, but i dont understand the context of your comment...what are you talking about
ID: i7gez9z
The ones that are real and not shills and / or bots have drowned in the kool-aid.
87 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:08:48 ID: i7fn4an
I'm just waiting for somebody like Nancy Pelosi to get caught throwing parties on her new megayacht.
88 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:42:20 ID: i7g0w3r
Fuck anyone that owns a mega yacht, but fuck the Russians in particular. Fueling that thing would support my family for 3 years easily.
89 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 14:43:01 ID: i7fj9x1
I feel bad for my love Amadea she just wants to have an owner for once 🙁 straight from the yard in 2017 she was up for sale until last year and now she’s going to be sitting docked somewhere all alone with no one to care for her. Edit: you guys are assholes lol downvoting me because of a hobby I enjoy. Get a life.
ID: i7fnx16
Look, I love a fine vessel. But boats like this shouldn't exist. They aren't monuments to man's love of the sea, they're status symbols. It's not art, it's obscenity. It's opulence and extravagance for the sake of itself, that happens to take the form of a boat.
ID: i7fuzki
Fuck her let it sink for all I care, waste of material and money
ID: i7fwc5o
90 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:11:46 ID: i7fwq3x
I know they’re seizing a lot of these and auctioning them off to maybe support Ukraine with the money, but realistically they should publicly scuttle the damn things.
91 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:42:54 ID: i7gio2e
I'm OK with the 99% taking over the 1% when I see this. And I'm not talking about this story since they're all jerking each other off.... But where in the fuck does someone need something like this. Let alone the gas and money to keep this bitch running. A reckoning is coming.
92 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:22:49 ID: i7g6pod
3rd party country gives their approval for 2nd party to steal first party's stuff. Riiiiiiiight. Sounds legit. Edit: Don't support Russia or their invasion of Ukraine, just laughing at the audacity of countries to just "approve" things like this like they have any real authority or right.
93 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:30:18 ID: i7fzjau
Now Pelosi can buy it for cents on the dollar.
94 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:36:50 ID: i7frcuk
Why seize it at all? Since there's an apparent question of ownership just scuttle it until the question is resolved. Don't need taxpayers paying for its upkeep anyway.
ID: i7fu71o
Destroy private property because you don’t know who it belongs to? Are you insane?
95 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:29:39 ID: i7fzg0i
i hope google earth enthusiasts track em all down so we hear more stories like that
96 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:37:51 ID: i7g8zfs
You know what I was just thinking too? The fucking hero that we're gonna be, when the Bureau SEIZES THIS FUCKING BOAT, 'cause I mean, fuckity fuck fuck Vlad LOOK AT THIS THING! IT'S BEAUTIFUL! and you got the beautiful girls there, it's wonderful!
97 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:11:29 ID: i7hd7lo
What is with all the yacht seizures? Why are we obsessed with Russian yachts so much? Are we collecting them now? What are we going to do with all these big beautiful Yachts? Giant Yacht party? Turn them into little war boats?
ID: i7hhlrj
They will likely be sold and the money used to rebuild Ukraine after the war ends.
98 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:14:38 ID: i7hljeg
Inb4 Brazil starts seizing US citizen assets in New Zealand so they can sell them and give the money to Afghanistan.
99 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 06:36:02 ID: i7iwy90
HELL YEAH! Let's show these Russian commies who's boss! USA! USA! USA!
100 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:17:55 ID: i7gnwdw
Why does the USA want to steal some Russian's assets?
101 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 01:51:08 ID: i7i4b2a
Biden is a Butthead and I have zero confidence in his analysis that what he is doing with respect to the seizures is legal, it may be, but I haven’t done the work myself and I don’t trust him. But that’s not the point of my comment, the point of my comment is this is beyond a joke. The whole point of a ship is to have a whole separate little floating world that is infinitely mobile except that can’t fly but can move about the globe at will such that the only way you could really stop it is with equally mobile naval forces, and frankly the ships are probably fast enough to outrun much of those. So what are these Russkie morons do? They park them, they don’t keep them at sea, moving about, no they park them where they may be seized. Wot a joke. By contrast, I refer you to the rich history of blockade runners of naval history forever. See generally Sea Chase with John Wayne; The Sea Wolf in its many iterations from 1941 to recently on TV. And of course as someone else has pointed out, they are rather large vessels, microscopic when compared to the vastness of the seas (yes, even given satellite surveillance), but in port they stick out like four sore thumbs. Moreover, why not tie up in Chinese ports? Syrian? Iranian? North Korean? But mainly, it’s not like an airplane, it’s a ship! Go to sea, elude the bastards! Fair winds and following seas.
102 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:17:06 ID: i7gnru9
That is just plain theft
103 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:26:25 ID: i7fyyet
So now USA are basically acting like communists just taking other people stuff
ID: i7g7lfz
Look up civil asset forfeiture. It’s nothing new
104 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 13:11:19 ID: i7f6nr2
ID: i7fa8uh
Why on earth would you go into international water and anchor there?
ID: i7fcd0o
I think it would be a LOT dumber to sit in international waters… when other countries can get to you or make you go boom. But what do I know.
ID: i7fe5rt
Where in Russia would you go to party on a yacht? Russia has no equivalents to Fiji or the Amalfi Coast. Do you think Instagram "models" would be caught dead in Vladivostok?
ID: i7ffbjf
My understanding is that these ships require a lot of maintenance. Eventually you have to dock somewhere to refuel, resupply, and fix stuff.
ID: i7fjdje
They could just float that shit into international waters, drop anchor, and then worry about refuel and resupply later. Honest question, have you ever seen the ocean in person?
ID: i7f97tf
Way easier to seize in international waters no court order required. You realize that all watercraft of this kind a trackable right? You can’t just hide it in the ocean lmao.. you clearly don’t own a seafaring watercraft.
105 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:48:08 ID: i7gajqt
What specifically did the owner do to warrant this seizure, though? Just merely being Russian and rich?
ID: i7ghpi0
They're one of the named Russian oligarchs "who have profited from Putin's rule and potentially apply internal pressure for Russia to scale back or call off the offensive in Ukraine."
106 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:35:31 ID: i7hvk7q
You mean to steal a boat that does not belong to you. Those are not the American values we were taught as children and continued to practice all our lives. What have you become? Pirate sPirates. You have no respect for our American values. You think people seeing you steal this boat have any respect for you. You are just another American low life using the power of your country to steal.
ID: i7ileb6
cough Manifest Destiny cough.....cough imminent domain *cough
107 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:03:17 ID: i7fvezn
Seize it, then scuttle it….
ID: i7fyhin
Piece it out and give proceeds to the victims of the Russian terrorist state. Scuttling it is an environmental hazard and helps nobody.
108 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:57:58 ID: i7fulb3
Next on the seized auction block, we a moderate sized party barge, do I hear 1 btc ? 2 btc? 3 btc. 4btc, 10btc, 50 btc, going once? Going twice.? Sold for 50 btc
109 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:00:37 ID: i7fv06r
Let's relocate all of these seized physical assets to Ukraine. Then Ukraine should build an amusement park in the Crimea featuring theses assets. All monies to go to rebuild and repatriate. It will be a great big middle finger to Russia.
110 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:02:12 ID: i7fv8wm
5 +fuel tankers haha, "green power"
111 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:07:38 ID: i7fw3b0
Bahahaha no one actually NEEDS this monstrosity. What people need is to feel safe in their own homes, affordable food and housing, affordable and easily accessible healthcare, and people who hold public office to care about their best interests. Seize this obscene display of wealth and give it to the people of Ukraine to do with it what they will.
112 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:10:49 ID: i7fwkqs
They are going to hide on yachts while we all die of starvation. Watch what happens when Bezos yacht is done.
113 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:19:40 ID: i7fxxf5
Imagine all the gold toilets and toilet paper holders that thing has.
114 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:21:35 ID: i7fy7xm
Turn it into a hospital boat.
115 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:23:24 ID: i7fyhr5
I guess buying these yachts is as close to burning dirty money as you can get
116 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:25:40 ID: i7fyua3
Toys over Boys ....in the worst way
117 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:28:19 ID: i7fz8xa
Yacht as big as the Island.
118 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:37:25 ID: i7g0dke
Can I have it? Your yacht… can I have it?
119 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:42:11 ID: i7g0vjm
Should put a photo of starving children and refugees next to every enormous yacht.
120 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:48:15 ID: i7g1laj
Just here hoping for Truman Show references
121 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:49:05 ID: i7g1pei
I wonder if the person who presented the warrant was captured so her twin brother shows up and a big battle ensues outside the Bermuda Triangle and Boba Fett accidentally gets knocked in but this time dies and so we get a Mando Season 3 instead
122 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:52:50 ID: i7g280x
Can someone explain to me who's actually handling all the seized Russian assets in the United States? Like I'm for it and all but how are are we self policeing to make sure this isn't just individuals in the government lining their pockets vs than this actually being put twords a just cause.
123 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:53:03 ID: i7g294r
Glad we have Fiji's permission.
124 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:56:23 ID: i7g2q99
What is Fiji going to do with the Mega-yacht? Use it for parts?
125 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:03:12 ID: i7g3qtx
The story’s photo caption depicted that the ship was berthed in Istanbul on February 2020 and then the story said it arrived in Fiji in April of this year. Presuming that this thing didn’t go anywhere else off that course in that time the 1-2 million US dollars worth of diesel fuel for that journey works out to $60k/month just for fuel budget and maybe another 60k/mo for the 30 crew salaries and maybe maintenance parts costs of 10k/month. So even if you wanted to bid $1.00 dollar for this bad boy yacht, you’d need disposable income of 130k/ month just to run it! Pretty amazing. The internet search I made turns up that the Amadea yacht was sold for $325M USD… opulent details here
126 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:15:33 ID: i7g5lv9
When do we start sanctioning the companies that sell these monstrosities to oligarchs and tyrants?
ID: i7gdiza
We're okay with capitalism? Just not okay with the way these owners skimmed the capital.
127 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:15:37 ID: i7g5m9k
Destroy the abomination. All of them ideally.
128 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:30:55 ID: i7g7xqi
Hmmm. Wonder if these monstrosities of wealth are auctioned off? I doubt the owners will be able to reclaim them.
129 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:34:02 ID: i7g8euk
‘Nother oligarch mad at Putin ✅
130 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:36:16 ID: i7g8qxu
How many oligarchs does Russia have ffs
ID: i7gcxk5
USSR had a lot of wealth to skim and many years to do it.
131 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:39:18 ID: i7g97au
We should convert them all into ferries, or dismantle this environmental disasters
ID: i7gcou1
Convert them into research ships. Above or below surface. Solar powered plastics recovery sounds good.
132 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:39:58 ID: i7g9avr
The Bolsheviks would have approved this
133 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:40:59 ID: i7g9gfu
When you own such a thing you won’t care about how much it cost to run it. If you want to get drunk you don’t count the shots…
134 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:41:09 ID: i7g9hgh
So many yachts in Russia.. Well not in.russia. where's the rest of the worlds yachts lol
135 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:57:19 ID: i7gby7m
If you owned a yacht that big why even bother living on land anymore?
136 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:04:03 ID: i7gcyly
How many mega pints can you store on it?
137 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:05:18 ID: i7gd59c
The government's reason? "Because we said so"
ID: i7gl2jb
That's literally how all laws work. That's the basis of law.
138 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:05:51 ID: i7gd86c
Interesting that the dude that owns that ship has Russian/Israel duel citizenship. Why is that? Why doesn't Israel extradite him to us?
139 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:06:40 ID: i7gdcfl
Yoink-Warrant approved
140 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:09:12 ID: i7gdptd
Now seize Russia’s land
141 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:10:29 ID: i7gdwk8
holy crap you could move this boat onto land and use it as a restaurant or something.
142 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:20:36 ID: i7gfds3
Can I buy it for a dollar?
143 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:29:48 ID: i7ggqpn
How do you physically seize something like this? Do the staff give up without a fight? Are police involved? Who is the captain while it's being seized?
ID: i7ghr9n
If cops show up to your work would you fight them for your boss?
144 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:43:41 ID: i7gis8u
I'll need an ELI5 on how and why we are seizing private properties of Russian citizens because their country is at war with another. When the US had it's war with iraq, could another country have seized Leonardo DiCaprio's yacht?
ID: i7gkgi5
If his yacht was in their jurisdiction, yeah, they could. When you go into another country, you become subject to their laws. If his bank was in that country, they could seize his money too.
145 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:49:04 ID: i7gjkzd
Does anyone have a list of all the seized boats?
146 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:51:25 ID: i7gjxkt
Thank you Fiji, love from NYC.
147 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:53:35 ID: i7gk9dx
That's one less yacht for Putin, one more yacht for Bezos.
148 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:54:26 ID: i7gkdx1
Convert it to a women's clinic and park it offshore from a red state.
149 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:00:22 ID: i7gla1p
Maybe seize their US real estate holdings next?
150 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:01:18 ID: i7glf66
Can we also just destroy it? Because this is just free parking for these guys
152 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:19:48 ID: i7hec59
Why the US?? I'm so confused.
153 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:45:49 ID: i7hhsdy
Yoooo! Sum1 bout to loose their💩! That mf yachts is huge!
154 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:58:32 ID: i7hjg8f
I hope we sell all these properties were seizing and turn the money into aid for the civilians of Ukraine.
155 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:53:07 ID: i7hqgov
Is it wrong that I think yachts look cool? Like no one individual needs a boat that large. But it’s neat.
156 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:13:39 ID: i7ht2fd
Of course not. The issue isn't that the thing exists it's what it's used for and how the owners own it
157 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 08:42:27 ID: i7j5s6p
All yachts look boring tbh
158 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:27:16 ID: i7g7dv2
Joe is probably going to give one to Hunter.
159 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:39:22 ID: i7g97nf
Can any country do this to US citizens ? Should we as IS citizens fear such actions if the US is at war with another country ?
160 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:54:51 ID: i7gkg5g
Do you have a yacht worth hundreds of millions sitting around that could be taken? Are you directly responsible for any genocides? Something tells me you're pretty safe from any theoretical slippery slope argument.
161 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:59:10 ID: i7gc870
In theory, sure. You worried if a mega rich American has a toy stolen?
162 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:03:26 ID: i7glqmr
These need to be destroyed. Not sold to anybody who could afford it.
163 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:37:41 ID: i7gzurw
sieze it, sell it and give the money to the Ukrainians.
164 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:41:08 ID: i7h0dbj
It'll just get end up going to neo-nazis
165 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:45:02 ID: i7h0yc8
Lol Russia is gonna start trying to take our U.S. oligarchs yachts soon. Jeff Bezos better watch out!
166 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:08:49 ID: i7h4gw5
For those of you that want to know some good super yacht stories look up eSysman SuperYachts on you tube he's a seasoned crew member and has a ton of content talking about all kinds of stuff.
167 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:39:24 ID: i7h8ryv
What if, now hear me out. What if we move these to San Diego and use them for homeless shelters.
168 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:02:36 ID: i7hbzwx
I really hope some guy throws a petrol bomb on that or drills a hole in the hull
169 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:13:05 ID: i7hdffq
What's going on with the yacht that Putin's connected to ready to leave Italy?
170 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:15:02 ID: i7hdoy8
How many refugees would one of these house?
171 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:03:12 ID: i7hk2n6
I wish they would convert it to military use. It just seems so funny to see troops in some billionaires pride and joy
172 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:31:29 ID: i7hnq0b
TF are we going to do with all these mega yachts, just auction them off to our own oligarchs??
173 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 09:32:50 ID: i7j95l0
The size of the boot they must use on that thing eh?
174 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 19:08:33 ID: i7gmhyt
WHY is America taking this yacht? WHY is America getting involved in a Ukrainian / Russian conflict? WHY can't America stop being the "World Police"? Does American WANT Russia to declare war on America? What will America even DO with this yacht? This is all fucking stupid. The sanctions are stupid. America is hurting innocent people all over Russia, people that are so far from the conflict, that they are literally further away from Ukraine than New York is. America is making ALL of Russia hate Americans. I guess if America wanted a guaranteed enemy forever, than they are doing exactly what would lead to that. It is MY opinion though, that America needs to step out of this shit, and stop trying to control the entire world. Focus on our issues, and leave Russia and Ukraine to work on theirs, themselves.
175 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:01:15 ID: i7gug43
This is an opinion that is simply outdated. We live in a global, connected world. Isolationism basically cannot exists anymore and thus all issues are in fact our issues. Nothing good would come if letting Russia win and gain more influence. If nothing else, it would make America look quite terrible to the rest of the world by not living up to our states values, and perception in our largely democratic world matters. And on a more strategic side, letting an antagonistic power gain more power is just never good. Indeed: History proves doing nothing (appeasement) would actually make things like war more likely and worse in the future. It’s what happened in the 30s.
176 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:19:06 ID: i7gx303
Actually, the innocent people are in Ukraine, don't worry, it's an easy mistake to make. The Russian Revolution happened 100 years ago, and by any reasonable standard, the people of Russia are now officially responsible for their government. So, no.
177 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:50:57 ID: i7g1yl9
Omg lmao this is insane
178 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:18:22 ID: i7fxqc7
This is the Russian GDP. The whole thing.
179 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:24:35 ID: i7fyodq
They should just blow it up.
180 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:12:52 ID: i7hde9m
Damn. $325 million. Auction it and buy more weapons to Ukraine.
181 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:40:12 ID: i7hh1mo
Can we house Ukrainian regugees on it? Somewhere lovely & tropical?
182 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:13:36 ID: i7gw9zz
Casino Capitalism comrade
183 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:46:57 ID: i7h18kh
Can I suggest that we seize literally every super yacht in existence, Russian or otherwise? Also all the wealth of the people who own them. Again, Russian or otherwise.
184 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:21:03 ID: i7h67kn
Man, I want to know what we're doing with all these yachts... like are we just storing these at our Naval bases now? Cuase damn that's a big boat.
185 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:49:07 ID: i7ha4yt
Sell that bitch and pay for my gas 😂
186 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:24:31 ID: i7heyth
So let’s go get the one belonging to Putin I hear it’s been docked in Italy. Surely once it’s in International waters it can be seized as a sanction!
187 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:59:04 ID: i7hjiqp
Hey look it has its own shield generators up on the roof
188 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:34:08 ID: i7ho2c0
It’s great that we’re coming down on Russia for this stuff. But it should be noted that, financially, they’re sticking it to us. They’re now shipping ridiculous amounts of oil in rubles and rupees. That’s some dollar debasement right there.
189 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:49:27 ID: i7hq00y
The way I CACKLED reading this
190 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:43:04 ID: i7hwb0q
Dear Fiji, I'll give you fifty bucks for it. Sincerely, Me
191 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:45:01 ID: i7hwhv9
Legal system is there to make perfidy perfectly legal. Bulletin ⚡️⚡️
192 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 05:19:08 ID: i7iqpiy
Admission of not reading the article or researching at all but what is done with these seizures? Auction?
193 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:32:17 ID: i7gh3p7
So they stole from Russia again. Yeah that definitely helps the situation
194 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:43:03 ID: i7giovc
Not from Russia. Russia did not buy the yacht.
195 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:18:13 ID: i7g60gj
Why US congress people need some new yachts?
196 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:38:09 ID: i7g913l
No reason to even do it
197 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:23:36 ID: i7g6tw8
Ok. And where does this money go.
198 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:05:31 ID: i7gd6f5
Spelled out in the article.
199 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:28:33 ID: i7hutax
H9w about we dont antagonize Russia? Noone wants our country in a war.
200 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 02:27:14 ID: i7i8rej
Unfortunately, history has proven that it’s even worse to appease than to at antagonize. We learned in the 30s this lesson
201 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 04:24:01 ID: i7iljyl
Throughout the entire history of the US, we have known a grand total of 25 years where no military action took place. We are a country built on and for war.
202 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 16:09:26 ID: i7fwd6x
Someone is probably firing all the staff right now. Sad for them - none of this is their fault. Collateral damage is everywhere.
203 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:47:15 ID: i7h1a82
Is there an Airbnb listing yet?
204 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:52:21 ID: i7h21op
Great way to create more terrorists.
205 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:54:56 ID: i7h2fcj
R/wallstreetbets loss porn
206 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:22:00 ID: i7hemny
Go get those Costa Rican living Russian oligarchs
207 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:01:32 ID: i7hjuo2
Some of these oligarch yachts cost more than Russia's lone aircraft carrier. That's why they're getting their ass whupped. 🤣
208 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 04:02:46 ID: i7ijebq
Homer can now take Mr. Burns’ yacht on the high seas to gamble.
209 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 08:56:12 ID: i7j6p8v
Just how many yachts russia have ?
210 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:19:02 ID: i7htqti
Just a question is America trying to declare war on Russia? Seizing all these things. If Russia did this to the US during any US war, how would the US react?
211 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:25:15 ID: i7gg2dv
So basically US can just confiscate anything they like and sell it off. EDIT: Not saying Russia good. But from legalities stand point, I am curious that US could very well go after foreign adversaries as they please. Basically, as long as they are the only big bully, they can snatch away whatever they want from whoever they want.
212 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:57:17 ID: i7gktaa
They can't do it arbitrarily. But yeah, if you're in the US, you are subject to US laws. Don't like it? Move your yacht to another country or international waters.
213 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 12:36:37 ID: i7jpfeo
Replying to your EDIT; Yes, that's how it has always worked. If the US could, they would just arbitrarily seize stuff. All countries would. That's why these laws exist. They constrain what countries can do. Most countries have extradition treaties with each other that govern the limits of this power. "Bully" is a subjective term. Anyone who thinks a law is unfair could call the people using the law a "bully". NAMBLA thinks that the US government is bullying them for not allowing them to have consensual sex with children, for example. Russia absolutely would do exactly the same thing and more if they could. They are not any different from the US. In this case, Fiji cooperated with the US. But if they refused to, there is nothing the US could do about it. Nothing short of invading them.
214 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:33:02 ID: i7gh7l7
Yes because they are thieves welcome to the NWO .I hate the anti christ
215 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:14:57 ID: i7gejtr
You really think the money made from this yacht will go to ukraine? Yeah right.....
216 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:58:00 ID: i7gkx3u
It doesn't need to go to Ukraine. They're not seizing it for Ukraine.
217 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 18:11:04 ID: i7gdzq6
Is there any process on determining the owner is related to or benefits from the Russian government or we are publishing Russians in based on nationality alone. Iam asking because if a yacht is OK to seize, how about my Russian neighbor's BMW? Can we take that from him too?
218 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 17:37:16 ID: i7g8w8a
These poor Russian citizens.
219 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 15:46:30 ID: i7fstlp
How about loading it with troops and sending it back?
220 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 09:02:13 ID: i7j73mi
really important so much making everyones existence better keep up the worthwhile warrant writing and super boat seizures