What the fuck is this doing on Amazon! Let's mass report this seller and get this taken down guys
1 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:43:13 ID: uj6sn2
What the fuck is this doing on Amazon! Let's mass report this seller and get this taken down guys
2 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 05:32:13 ID: i7iru9x
[Meta] Sticky Comment Rule 2 does not apply when replying to this stickied comment. Rule 2 does apply throughout the rest of this thread. What this means: Please keep any "meta" discussion directed at specific users, mods, or /r/conspiracy in general in this comment chain only. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. MOD NOTE: While outrage is understandable, we should bear in mind the massive volume of vendors and products that are featured on sites like Amazon. THEY RELY on reports from customers to call their attention to inappropriate listings. To their credit, (Amazon has removed the listing, and hopefully will be removing similar listings soon) Reporting inappropriate content is good, and in this case, it worked! ALSO, we should be relieved to learn (as users in a related thread pointed out) that the girl featured in the photo likely never actually wore the garment shown -- rather, photos like these are used to create blank templates that can be used by numerous vendors as a mock-up to display their products. Exampled provided by users in a related thread: TLDR: Amazon relies on "trouble reports" to call attention to where it is needed (as does Reddit, and all other large platforms), AND; The girl pictured was (almost certainly) not photographed in the garment shown. Keep things in perspective.
3 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:03:22 ID: i7hrr6q
How did you find this, OP?? That’s the real conspiracy.
ID: i7hufdq
Good question and I doubt OP will reply but as someone who has also uncovered stuff of a similar nature (discord) me and my friends find suspicious content, terms or symbols and then just continue to dig into it until we can't anymore then turn it over to the appropriate authorities we don't report anything so the teams with resources and experience can catch these sick fucks.
4 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:44:55 ID: i7h0xs4
ID: i7hj5i9
It's just a brazenly clear step in the sexualization of children. I hate this world man.
5 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:14:55 ID: i7h5c6f
P.S. Amazon customer service chat humans are robots.
ID: i7h68y1
I just got off the chat with one. That was way harder for me to report than it should have been. I had to ask the chat bot if they knew what "I love cock" meant. They played dumb until I threatened to report it to US media and the FBI (we know neither of those orgs would do anything, but bot guy doesn't lol). I also requested a copy of the transcript be emailed to me. It was. Said the seller is supposedly going to remove it within 48 hours.
6 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:51:08 ID: i7h1v8u
Suggested Users: ‎Teen-boys
7 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:29:51 ID: i7hnibd
something this whole /sub can finally agree upon.. this is fucked
8 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:27:04 ID: i7h722t
It’s not Vaccine Misinformation. So obviously it’s allowed to be sold on Amazon. Obviously
9 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 02:21:20 ID: i7i81ux
This is obviously disgusting and needs to be removed but I think this is likely just a Chinese seller that has no idea what the words mean This should never be allowed to be listed but my point is that there is no deep conspiracy here
ID: i7ihwwv
This ^
10 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 03:35:31 ID: i7igjlk
Maybe she just loves chickens
11 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:00:53 ID: i7hbrfv
Shocked? What shell has everyone been living under? Amazon was selling a "how to groom," kids for sexual molestation written by a proud pedophile many years ago (more rhen several)... I'll google for u. Super easy to find. Heres the link 2010 but even worse the second link was a book currently for sale called, The Secret Pizza Party. Which is a children's book aimed at teaching kids to keep secrets from their parents. Loverly. PPS. Let this be a lesson as I think my memory is pretty sharp considering. And considering my cannabis consumption my whole earthly existence....we can conclude, the 'bis doesnt bring harm to memory. However the synthetic garbage I avoid yet everyone else laps up is to blame.
ID: i7hiqfm
Secret Pizza Party was BLATANT. it’s the same author of “Dragons Love Tacos,” which is a top selling book.
ID: i7hiu0d
people have been warning about the coming normalization of pedophilia for a long time, how anyone can pretend to be surprised at this point is baffling
ID: i7hm49n
You mean THCA isn't the same as THC? Delta 76 isn't naturally made? Are you telling me whole states have pulled a hoodwink on the people and are selling synthetic garbage posing as medicinal and recreational Marijuana? No, you didn't say that. I did.
ID: i7hgfec
Literally 1984 or the book about firefighters. I don't know which as reading is for Democrats. Also Democrat is a portmanteau of the Hebrew words for shill and pedophile FYI.
12 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:23:13 ID: i7hesku
no fucking way.. this cant be real
ID: i7hioyi
Unfortunately, it is.
13 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 01:41:52 ID: i7i369n
Clearly photoshopped
14 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:52:59 ID: i7h252i
If it's still up in a day, they are seemingly okay with it.
ID: i7h30q0
Bee. Up since Oct 2021
15 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 01:02:47 ID: i7hyf54
where is the earth self destruct button....its time
16 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:55:14 ID: i7h2gyj
Omg, that’s just wrong, blood boiling. I’d report them to Amazon, could also be attached to a smuggling ring
17 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 02:07:18 ID: i7i6bp5
Pretty sure these are troll or bot accounts doing this. Elaborate trolls for shock and awe views.
18 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 02:07:44 ID: i7i6djk
I swear OP is photshopping these
19 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 02:43:37 ID: i7iapbm
wtf were you even searching for though
20 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 04:57:44 ID: i7iosfk
I researched this. That girl never wore that dress. They make a ton of dresses with prints and that girl wears one dress, then the print is overlaid via photoshop type image manipulation so the same single image is used to sell many different dresses. It looks like the I Love Cock print is now on a different model... older. Same deal... one pose, many dresses shown.
21 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:44:00 ID: i7h0sqo
SS:: Absolutely revolting. Amazon allowing products like this on their site. Mass report guys. Let's get this taken down and the seller account . Contact Amazon via livechat. Ring or email them. I'm sure there's probably more products like this out there.
ID: i7h3ra1
The product alone is definitely not something everyone would agree on. The model and the product together, should piss everyone off. This girl has a mom. Wtf they at?
22 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:03:25 ID: i7hk3ny
Just reported this to Amazon. Fucking disgusting.
23 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:23:01 ID: i7hmmbk
On Matt Gaetz holiday wishlist. We should all send him one.
24 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:10:34 ID: i7h4py4
I tried reporting an image for a mattress that had a photo of a bare ass kid on it. It’s like that bumper sticker of Calvin that pees on something he doesn’t like, but this was a real photo, not a cartoon. I never got a response indicating that anything was done about it.
25 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:48:38 ID: i7h1hnb
So gross.
26 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:50:26 ID: i7hieb6
Groomer moment
27 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:50:50 ID: i7h1tke
So how do we get this taken down, hold the sick fuck responsible accountable and have it never reappear on the store again?
ID: i7hs86m
Realistically? We can't. Not without government intervention, anyway. Bezos won't fund a department for countering this unless forced to.
28 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:46:31 ID: i7h168i
This is all sorts of wrong!? Who made this!?
29 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:49:30 ID: i7ha6vn
Where is the conspiracy? Lol I support the cause, this is ridiculous and inappropriate obviously. But is conspiracy really the place for this?
ID: i7he46b
Everything is a conspiracy. Are you even alive? Did I actually type this? All a conspiracy.
30 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:16:29 ID: i7h5k5v
Fuck those pieces of shit. Just the thought of who'd buy that and make their kiddos wear it terrifies me. Who ever is behind them.. i hope they give them a Russian sex doll treatment
ID: i7ia47d
No one bought it and put it on their kid. And that model never wore that pattern. It was just some screwup in making the pattern image files for this dress item. No one is behind it.
31 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 22:14:59 ID: i7hdoou
Nothing weong with loving roosters /s
32 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:58:08 ID: i7h2wjb
Cock is short for cockerel, which is a type of 🐦 if I'm not mistaken. So this is probably just a case of similar word with distinct meaning, if you'll notice they're selling it in the UK. It could certainly lead to some very embarrassing confusions though.
ID: i7hc34s
Why would you even try to make excuses for this???
33 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:44:35 ID: i7hpdqx
34 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:53:40 ID: i7hqjac
I just saw a post where this same print was on a different child and it was a swimsuit what the fuck is going on
35 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:55:48 ID: i7hqssf
It seems to be gone there is still a I ❤️ cock dress for adults but not for kids
36 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:00:25 ID: i7hrdrb
Holy shit... There's another one? Disgusting
37 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:42:19 ID: i7hw8fc
38 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 01:17:48 ID: i7i08ag
I saw the exact same post with a different girl with something more provocative with the same words on the outfit. Do you really think that girl posed wearing that outfit that had those words on it?
39 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 01:39:43 ID: i7i2wcl
The actual Amazon post Nudquio I Love Guyana Heart Flag Christmas Dress for Girls Printed Santa Midi Xmas Dress Funny
40 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 02:42:52 ID: i7iam1u
I hope this isn't real man fuck
41 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 02:49:49 ID: i7ibfjs
Makes you wonder about the parents.
42 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 03:20:38 ID: i7iex3w
Taken down? How about get someone put in jail
43 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 04:18:45 ID: i7il0wv
And just like that, I'm now rooting for the meteor
44 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 04:50:33 ID: i7io4g0
Watch this be exposed as actually referring to chickens and the person taking issue with it will be accused of having a dirty mind. Because that is what is going to happen.
45 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 04:51:54 ID: i7io8zi
Fact checkers have concluded that the text refers to male chickens.
46 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 06:27:15 ID: i7iw9xw
I'd love to see your search history
47 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 08:34:28 ID: i7j58z4
This is so messed up it’s unreal. Jesus is returning!!! I wish people would see it
48 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:57:51 ID: i7h2v0h
You guys get upset at the weirdest things.
ID: i7h5jbi
If child grooming doesn't upset you, what does?
ID: i7hqcc5
Relevant username.
49 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 21:41:21 ID: i7h91vb
Don't click on this asshole's shady, obviously fake hyperlink.
ID: i7h9bp2
It's an official Amazon link.. When mass reporting s listing via livechat there ask for a link to the item Mate doesn't know how domains work. Amazon.ca is Canada Amazon.co.uk is UK So forth.
ID: i7hbvws
Nope, it’s still there. Look for yourself...asshole.
50 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 20:48:43 ID: i7h1i6k
Can I buy one first guys!!!
51 : Anonymous2022/05/05(Thu) 23:38:28 ID: i7holy7
OP is trying to get this sub shut down by organising a mob to brigade other websites. And you're all taking the bait.
52 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 00:22:26 ID: i7hu517
Better course action: STOP using Amazon!
53 : Anonymous2022/05/06(Fri) 04:27:08 ID: i7ilv7p
They have never been so brazen, things are coming to a head soon.
ID: i7iopop
No, it is more that people like you have exceptionally dirty minds in the real world. You look at this and go "It is talking about that one part of a male's body!" Someone like me goes "Male chickens!" And I'll be honest: I have a very dirty mind.